About Us

Sandallure are proud to offer a wide selection of sand art that is perfect for any home. Our timeless pieces are a true work of art, and bring calmness and relaxation to your home or office space. 
Real sand art is a creative way to add a touch of nature to your home or office space. These sand creations are made from natural beach sands and are then carefully shaped and crafted with love.
When you buy sand art you’re making a natural statement: You care about protecting the environment, you care about the artisans in developing countries who are providing the materials and you appreciate the time they take to make something so beautiful.
The best thing about sand art is that it can go practically anywhere. It’s lightweight, easily removed when you want to move it, and easy to clean! It makes a wonderful addition to your home, office or event space and will bring a relaxing and calming touch to any room.
A true talking point and centrepiece for any environment!